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Rethink conversation – with Spark from Unblu The leading conversation platform for financial service providers

Communication is at the heart of a good customer relationship, right? With smart solutions such as Spark from Unblu, our digitization specialist, conversations no longer happen exclusively at branches. They can take place digitally, anywhere and (almost) anytime.

This has measurable advantages. For simple enquiries, an AI-based chatbot takes a lot of the workload off your employees’ shoulders. And frees up more time for sales, upselling and building long-term customer relationships. For more complex products and consultations, the system recommends the right products at exactly the right moment.

This creates the perfect omnichannel experience for your customers. For you, a win-win situation with completely new possibilities.

  • Efficient: flexible use of text messaging, calling and online collaboration reduces the time needed to solve problems. This improves the customer experience, sales figures and efficiency on a long-term basis.
  • Profitable: relationship managers shine with their expertise, and opportunities for upselling or product introductions will arise.
  • Smart: the sales potential of service staff can be increased by offering customized products at exactly the right time. This maximizes the conversion rate.
  • Integrated: Unblu Spark has interfaces and integrations with many key providers and products in the financial services industry, such as MS Teams, Rasa,, Genesys, Verint, Cisco, Avaya, Salesforce, MS Dynamics CRM, bsi, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat.
  • Customer-centric: thanks to personalized, secure communication options, customer relationships can be built for the long term. A positive, end-to-end contact center experience is created.

Here’s how the Spark conversation solution from Unblu works:

  1. Support through conversational AI in the first contact

    Lower your FCR (first contact resolution) rate by equipping your customer service agents with an easy-to-train digital assistant (chatbot) that takes care of simple enquiries – and escalates to staff when needed.

  2. Consult with Secure Messenger

    Place your advisors in your customers’ pockets with an in-app text messaging feature that maximizes the quality of customer interaction and is always secure and legally compliant.

  3. Use video and audio conversations

    Whether planned or spontaneous, benefit from a secure, high-quality and fully integrated feature that allows you to connect with customers and close more deals.

  4. Manage complex tasks with co-browsing
    Share, navigate and obtain legally binding signatures by browsing documents or webpages as if you were in the same room as your customer – in a legally compliant manner, of course.

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