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Mailing payslips directly from SAP A flexible solution for all employees

With the e-receipt service – HR from XimantiX and the IncaMail e-mail encryption service from Swiss Post, Stiftung Liebenau benefits from an integrated solution that enables the efficient mailing of payslips to all employees and locations directly via SAP.

Stiftung Liebenau optimizes its payslip process with IncaMail

Initial situation and challenge

The Stiftung Liebenau enables people who need particular support to have the greatest possible autonomy and to participate in social life. With 20 subsidiaries and 6,500 employees, it is active in the fields of education, family, health care, living spaces, nursing care and participation.

With process optimisation measures, the Stiftung Liebenau looked for a solution for sending payroll accounting documents more efficiently and more cost-effectively in the future. Previously, printing the payroll accounting documents, putting them in envelopes and sorting them were carried out in-house at the headquarters. Here delivery to the 47 locations in large envelopes and packages was organised so that the documents could be distributed to the employees on-site. Processing lasted around two days and the employees often received several envelopes on account of the infrastructure.

The new solution should enable both secure digital delivery and also the previous classic delivery of the payroll accounting documents in printed form by post. The integrated handling for delivery and the monitoring directly in SAP HCM were an important requirement for the Stiftung Liebenau. The presorted delivery to the many locations should also be retained in the future for all paper-based recipients.

The solution

Thanks to the partnership between XimantiX Software GmbH and Swiss Post, all needs of the Stiftung Liebenau were able to be covered from a single source. With the eBeleg Service – HR, XimantiX offers a solution already integrated for SAP HCM and MS Dynamics Navision - HR which can be used for directly bundling payroll accounting information/pay slips and corresponding attachments such as social security notifications or time sheets. Delivery directly in the HR system is also done with the single push of a button. Depending on the setting at the recipient level the delivery is either electronic via IncaMail or in printed form by post.

IncaMail, the e-mail encryption service of Swiss Post, guarantees secure and verifiable delivery of sensitive documents to the private e-mail addresses of the employees. In each case these receive an e-mail electronically signed by Swiss Post containing the wage documents as an encrypted SAFE attachment (Secure Attached File Encryption). The employees open the secure attachment whenever and wherever they want with their IncaMail password directly in the mailbox. No data is stored on the IncaMail platform and third parties cannot see the contents of the messages.

For printing records, the data and documents are given to the printing service provider Swiss Post Solutions in Dettingen near Stuttgart. As a reliable partner SPS prints the documents and puts them in envelopes and then passes on the packed documents to Deutsche Post AG for delivery. This means fast delivery can be ensured. The pay slips reach the respective employees individually or, depending on the works, presorted and bundled for internal distribution.

« Promoting electronic delivery of payroll accounting documents via IncaMail will further reduce HR expenses in the future. In this way we are hoping for a further reduction in the number of locations which today have pay slips printed and sent to them for distribution. »

Stefan Heckenberger, Deputy Head of the Payroll Accounting Department, the Stiftung Liebenau

Benefits and advantages

By using IncaMail, the Stiftung Liebenau has advantages in various areas:

Cost savings: The absence of printing and postage means material costs can be reduced to a minimum. The personnel costs for printing, packaging and for the internal distribution of the pay slips are also lowered by digitising the process.

High ease of use: Payroll accounting document delivery with IncaMail works with the click of a mouse directly from SAP. The payroll accounting documents can be bundled in the system with other documents (e.g. time sheets) and sent by a freely definable e-mail sender. Delivery status and pickup notifications can be tracked at any time in the HR system.

Flexible receipt: The employees receive their payroll accounting document with IncaMail directly after it is sent to their private e-mail address by the payroll accounting department. They can also receive and view this at any time when they are abroad – a factor which is becoming more and more important in times of growing international networks.

Fast project implementation: eBeleg Service – HR from XimantiX is a solution already integrated in SAP HCM. The connection of IncaMail is extremely uncomplicated thanks to the flexible interfaces. This enables project implementation within two working days.

Guaranteed support: Both XimantiX and also Swiss Post have provided a lot of support for the introduction of eBeleg Service – HR and IncaMail. For technical questions on the digital receipt of payroll accounting documents the IncaMail support team is available for the employees of the Stiftung Liebenau. This relieves the burden on the IT and the payroll accounting department of the Stiftung Liebenau considerably.

Fulfilled data protection requirements: The electronic transfer of payroll accounting documents has to be done in compliance with the legal framework conditions. The required data security is fully guaranteed with the transfer via IncaMail.

Satisfied employees: The employees of the Stiftung Liebenau have reacted very positively to the use of IncaMail. They consider the encrypted digital delivery of payroll accounting documents to be a trusted and environmentally-friendly form of communication.

Questions about IncaMail? We will be happy to help.

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