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E-Government The concerns of the residents is what counts here.


Digital for you Innovative and secure.

Fostering proximity to the population, promoting participation, increasing speed: digitization in the public sector provides many options. And Swiss Post is your strong and trustworthy partner to help you to take advantage of all this.


How can Digital First succeed in the administration? We are familiar with the specific challenges facing public authorities and offer solutions tailored to them which are easy to implement and, of course, legally compliant and secure. These include a wide range of services from digital municipal administration to electronic identification and signature to e-voting. For interaction that brings society closer together.


E-Government – a holistic approach Your added value with Swiss Post

  • Communication: Bringing people together, enabling participation. A shared secure infrastructure, geared to the needs of the population and the economy, is preparing Swiss authorities for the modern era. With us, your digital communication becomes simple and secure.
  • Efficiency: We support you in reducing administrative expenses with lean digital processes. The result: Fewer individual solutions, fewer media disruptions and more satisfied residents.
  • Security: Swiss Post is bound by mail secrecy. Data protection forms part of our DNA. We therefore work exclusively with proven, secure solutions and meet the highest technological and regulatory standards. From Switzerland, for Switzerland.

Secure and encrypted e-mail Legally compliant exchange of sensitive data with IncaMail

As secure as a letter and seal: send confidential documents to any recipient in an encrypted and verifiable way – simply from your usual mail client or your public authority software.


Efficient, simple and secure as never before Innovative solutions for the digitization of public authority processes

« With the introduction of IncaMail to send electronic salary documents, a project succeeds where procedures have been streamlined and routine work is organized more efficiently. »
Kanton Luzern optimiert den Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnungsprozess mit IncaMail

As a modern employer, the Canton of Lucerne relies on digital processes.

« IncaMail enables us to communicate with our customers faster, more directly and in compliance with regulations. And data security is also guaranteed at all times. »
IGE nutzt IncaMail für die Zustellung von Schutzrechten

Mirko Galli, Head of Service Development and Innovation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

“Secure? Always. Digital? Now!” Your whitepaper on intellectual property security in the digital age

Read a brief summary:

  • What intellectual property means in the digital world
  • How it can be protected – especially when exchanging data
  • How the Institute of Intellectual Property ensures safe handling


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