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Easy to introduce, user-friendly, secure Benefits of well-designed e-government solutions

Streamlining administration Improving processes and reducing workloads

The demands on public authorities are high and the tasks are various. Automated routine activities and simpler processes help employees keep up with their daily workloads.


Digital solutions are particularly effective here. Data is saved digitally, exchanged seamlessly and organized intelligently, enabling greater flexibility, eliminating potential errors and ensuring smooth overall processes throughout the public authority – as well as between different stakeholders.


Saving time, money and stress


CHF 1.2 billion

in savings simply by storing data centrally for the Confederation, cantons and municipalities – every year!


Source:, 14 March 2019,


96 %

of canton employees want more digital services.


Source: National E-Government Study 2022, Digital Public Services Switzerland Office


40 %

of work time was previously used for copying, distribution and file searching.


Source:, 2022

Potential savings with digital signatures Optimizing processes

For good reason, many procedures in public authorities have to be authorized by signature. Pen and paper works but this takes time, costs money and uses resources. A solution for a secure, digital signature therefore not only generates significant savings potential – it also makes the entire process quicker and easier.


Digitization as a complete package E-Government for cities and municipalities

Step smoothly into a digital future with innovative software and secure IT solutions.

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