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Easy to introduce, user-friendly, secure Benefits of well-designed e-government solutions

Maintaining trust Data protection and cyber security

Swiss people place great trust in public administration. And this should remain the case even in the digital age! With Swiss Post as a neutral and trustworthy digitization partner, you are playing it safe. Our digital solutions are developed with the highest standards of data protection and resilience – and they are continually being improved. At the same time, our certifications ensure that your work is 100% legally compliant.

All is lost without security



cyber attacks took place each week in 2022 on Swiss public authorities.


Source: Check Point Research (CPR), 2023


61 %

more cyber attacks than in 2021.


Source: Check Point Research (CPR), 2023


44 %

of residents don’t use any e-government services because of a lack of trust in data protection / data security.


Source: National E-Government Study 2022, Digital Public Services Switzerland Office

Transparent and independent Security concepts at Swiss Post

Security is the top priority, especially in e-voting. For this reason, we continually keep a close eye on the security concept. For example, the source code is publicly accessible so it can be checked and “challenged” by IT specialists worldwide.


Tracing threats, closing loopholes Cybersecurity monitoring with cybersecurity specialists Hacknowledge

Identify threats to your IT infrastructure early – and ensure fast and effective countermeasures if the worst should happen.

IncaMail: sharing data securely Your solution for confidential e-mail communication

Being able to exchange sensitive data quickly and securely makes the day-to-day work of public authorities much easier. With IncaMail, you can send confidential documents in an encrypted and verifiable manner – simply from your normal mail client or business software.

Man uses identity solution from SwissSign

SwissSign: designing IT securely and without media disruption Certificate, identity and signature solutions

In a digitized society, where identity protection is crucial, SwissSign offers first-class data security and reliable identification. SwissSign makes certificate management a breeze. Place your trust in Swiss standards for IT security without media disruptions.

Tresorit: secure data transfer in the digital age Efficiency and data security, perfectly combined

The future of digital collaboration for public authorities is here: Tresorit combines speed with unparalleled security for a new era of data exchange in which your confidential data is permanently protected. Experience the next level of data security – with the zero-knowledge technology of Tresorit.

Woman exchanges data securely with Tresorit

«Information security as a success factor» Whitepaper on current challenges and solutions

Read more in the brief summary about:

  • Key challenges in the field of data protection
  • The approach of our in-house security experts and how they ensure increased data security
  • Specific steps that public authorities can take to improve their security situation

“Secure? Always. Digital? Now!” All about intellectual property security in the digital age

Read a brief summary:

  • What intellectual property means in the digital world
  • How it can be protected – especially when exchanging data
  • How the Institute of Intellectual Property ensures safe handling


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