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Easy to introduce, user-friendly, secure Benefits of well-designed e-government solutions

Promoting dialogue and participation Networking, interaction and communication

Public administration forms a central interface between the population, the economy and politics. This important societal function is more successful if interaction between all stakeholders is simpler and more user-friendly.
Visiting public authorities, voting, acts of administration – these things can all be done electronically. This means that public administration can proceed with the same developments that characterize our daily lives and that are often common practice in the economy. It also allows greater opportunities for participation and enables public administration to meet the needs of the population today and tomorrow.

Switzerland wants e-government


4 out of 5

companies carry out public authorities services electronically.


Source: National E-Government Study 2022, Digital Public Services Switzerland Office


60 %

of Swiss municipalities see a need for action in terms of digitization.


Source: National E-Government Study 2022, Digital Public Services Switzerland Office


5 out of 5

of the most frequently required administrative services are the responsibility of the municipalities.


Source: National E-Government Study 2022, Digital Public Services Switzerland Office


Elections and voting – it’s easy electronically New participation opportunities

Voting and elections are the foundation of direct democracy in Switzerland. With electronic vote casting, participation in the political process becomes even easier and more attractive for many people. Secure e-voting is an important component in further developing political processes in the age of digitization.

Public administration networking Closer to the needs of the population

“Digitization” doesn’t always have to be designed and implemented on a large scale at federal level. At municipality level, the practical benefits are especially advantageous for local residents. Fewer visits to the authorities, less time wasted, more information – from the online waste collection calendar to debt collection documents delivered electronically.


Secure and encrypted e-mail Legally compliant exchange of sensitive data with IncaMail

As secure as a letter and seal: send confidential documents to any recipient – encrypted, verifiable or even registered – simply from your usual mail client or your public authority software.

The ePost communication platform Fit for the future in the omnichannel environment

One interface for all your communication: use the ePost communication platform. This will enable you to send and receive consignments automatically via the appropriate channel in future.

One interface for all your communication.

“User-friendly, citizen-oriented and efficient” Whitepaper on Switzerland’s path to the e-government of the future

You'll find out about:

  • What might modern e-government look like in the federal Switzerland of the future? And what progress has already been made in other countries?
  • How can the population and authorities benefit equally?
  • How can digital services and infrastructure be introduced with ease?

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