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Improved flexibility and cost savings thanks to IncaMail Kärcher optimizes its payslip process

The distribution of payslips in companies is often a cost-driving and time-consuming process. By rolling out smahrt-eDoc and IncaMail, Swiss Post’s secure e-mail service, Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG will in future be able to complete these tasks more quickly, inexpensively and securely.

Kärcher optimizes its payslip process with IncaMail

Initial situation and challenge

High innovativeness

Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG is the world’s leading provider of cleaning technology. Kärcher cleaning devices combine functionality, user-friendliness and a sophisticated appearance. Innovation and striving for a better solution are characteristics of the company and are proven again and again by patents and awards from renowned institutions. Kärcher makes the difference! Not only with top performance levels for customers. As a reliable family-run business, Kärcher is also one of the most attractive employers in the branch. There are currently more than 12,000 employees working in 65 countries to ensure the company’s success.

Focus on digitisation

In the last year Kärcher has focused on digitisation in particular. As well as the development of digital service products, internal processes have also been simplified and optimised – for example the handling and delivery of pay slips. At Kärcher, in addition to an SAP ESS portal, the classic way has been used so far: the pay slips were generated in SAP, produced by in-house printers and then distributed to the employees via the management. The printers and enveloping machines became more prone to failure over time and the monthly payroll run took more and more time. The employees in the human resources department often needed up to three days to monitor the sensitive areas. “It was clear that we need a more cost-effective and more efficient solution that enables all employees to securely receive their pay slips digitally, including those without direct access to the SAP ESS portal,” explains Gerd Hirth, Head of HR Payroll, Administration & Mailing Office at Kärcher.

The solution

Flexible solution for all employees

With the integration of the IncaMail module smahrt-eDoc in SAP HCM by KWP team GmbH and by outsourcing the printing to the printing centre of Swiss Post Solutions in Dettingen, the cooperation of Swiss Post covers all requirements from a single source. These two important steps were able to be carried out in just two days. With the new solution, all users who do not have access to the SAP ESS portal are filtered in SAP HCM via the eDoc interface and, if they want, receive their electronically bundled documents as a secure IncaMail or as a printed product by post. Printing, putting the documents in envelopes and dispatch control are carried out entirely by Swiss Post Solutions.

E-mails are delivered securely and verifiably directly from SAP HCM with IncaMail. Thanks to the patented procedure, the sensitive payroll documents are not stored anywhere temporarily and are sent directly to the existing e-mail addresses of the employees.

« The integration of the smahrt-eDoc module and its connection to the IncaMail service were carried out within a day by KWP. The secure IT connection for data transfer to the printing centre of Swiss Post Solutions in Dettingen was completed just as quickly. »

Gerd Hirth, Head of HR Payroll, Administration & Mailing Office, Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG

Features and benefits

IncaMail as a useful addition

IncaMail adds key advantages to the solution:

Increased security:  Employees receive their pay slips at home (private e-mail address) and – unlike with the portal or in the case of internal distribution – do not have to view them at the office workplace. With the patented SAFE technology of IncaMail, the e-mails are protected against access by third parties.

Required data protection: The electronic delivery of pay slips has to be done in compliance with legal conditions, these are fulfilled entirely by IncaMail.

Guaranteed cost savings: High investment costs for the country-specific expansion of the portal can be avoided. Unlike postal delivery there are no time, material and dispatch costs.

Maximum flexibility: Employees can be reached at any time and wherever they are. Employees abroad also receive their pay slip at the same time as their wage is paid.

Simple integration: The open IncaMail interface enables simple connection of the ERP software. There are also certified IncaMail modules which will soon be integrated by selected partners. The integration of the SAP module smahrt-eDoc and its connection to the IncaMail service were carried out by KWP team GmbH within one day.

High satisfaction at Kärcher

The new solution is very well accepted by the employees at Kärcher. The employees appreciate the simple use of the IncaMail service. The approval of the HR department, administration and production is equally high. The simple control of the smahrt-eDoc interface, the elimination of the distribution channels and also the good reports for monitoring and controlling the dispatch runs are seen as positive. The overall costs for sending pay slips were able to be considerably reduced.

« The introduction of IncaMail and the outsourcing of printing and delivery to Swiss Post Solutions are an exceptionally good and satisfactory solution for us. »

Gerd Hirth, Head of HR Payroll, Administration & Mailing Office, Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG


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