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These success stories make the benefits of digitization tangible Gain an overview of the performance and competencies of our team of digital business experts

Find out how Swiss companies are using our holistic digitization and data security solutions to make their business models and processes more secure and efficient. The added value is multifaceted: customers benefit from seamless online processes and fewer media disruptions. Employees appreciate leaner administrative processes and greater productivity. For the sake of the environment and sustainability, carbon emissions are reduced.
See our references to read all about the individual challenges and requirements of companies in the area of digitization, our joint approach to solutions and our efficient implementation process. Find out for yourself.
Hybrid Valiant bank branch in Vevey, powered by Unblu Branch

The bank branch that’s digital, yet personal How Valiant Bank is conquering the market with hybrid branches

Have you always wanted to know how banks – and other branch-based business models – can redefine growth and customer retention in the digital era? Discover the revolutionary success story of Valiant Bank, which has transformed the traditional banking experience with digitization specialist Unblu. 

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