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Publicare AG: digital invoice copies with ePost Receive copies of Publicare invoices physically and/or digitally

Publicare is the biggest supplier and service provider of medical equipment for incontinence, stoma, tracheostoma and wound treatment in Switzerland. Publicare sends several thousand invoices to its service recipients each month − now in both physical and digital form.  

Publicare’s aim is to support its customers as best as it can, from supplying medical equipment to handling insurance. Publicare relies on robust and reliable partnerships.   

Publicare digitalisiert den Rechnungsprozess mit ihren Leistungsbezügern (Privatkunden)

Background and challenges

At the end of March 2018, the Federal Council announced a cost control programme to curb the increase in costs in the compulsory health insurance sector. The main aim was to ease the burden on insurance premium payers and taxpayers. 

Two cost control packages are planned. The first package is designed to improve invoice control on the part of the insurer and the policyholder.  

For this reason, Publicare went looking for an efficient and secure delivery option for organizing the mailing of invoice copies. The plan is for service recipients to receive their invoices via their preferred delivery channel in future so that they can have a better overview of health services they are invoiced for.  

The solution

Customers can now receive invoices via their preferred channels − in a future-oriented way with the ePost communication platform. 

By connecting to the ePost communication platform, Publicare can reach all its existing service recipients easily and securely via their preferred delivery channel. In addition to receiving invoices physically, policyholders can now also receive their invoices in their digital ePost mailboxes. This means that Publicare is contributing towards gradual digitization in Switzerland and enabling its customers to use reliable, user-friendly alternatives in the digital future.  

« In addition to our solution-oriented, collegial partnership with the project manager and developer, I really appreciate the fact that we’ve made another step towards digitization for Publicare and that we have a reliable, flexible solution for both the customer and ourselves. »

B. Obrist, Process Coordination/Project Management

Features and benefits

  • The ePost communication platform enables simple and secure digital communication with service recipients.
  • An innovative mailing platform that Publicare can use to send information in a recipient-oriented way via the most popular channels, such as ePost, eBill, SMS, e-mail or physical post.
  • The communication is sent simply, securely and digitally and delivered by ePost, while maintaining mail secrecy in recipients’ digital or physical mailboxes.
  • Delivery is automated, via the preferred channel and at optimized costs. This enables high-volume senders to achieve high digital penetration for their communication processes and ensures verifiable sending processes and channels.


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