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Collombey-Muraz uses Meeting as a meeting management solution Meeting management software that’s tailored to real-life situations

The municipality of Collombey-Muraz has been using Meeting for over 10 years to manage the meetings of its Municipal Council. It’s a solution that offers many benefits for effective decision-making. Testimonial by Laurent Monnet, Municipal Secretary.


Initial situation

Meeting management software that’s tailored to real-life situations

For more than 10 years, the Municipal Council of  Collombey-Muraz has used T2i Group’s meeting management solution. As they liked the previous version of software so much, it was only a matter of time before they would turn to Citizen Meeting to manage their weekly meetings. The new solution offers real added value in terms of user-friendliness and its features that were developed by drawing on the feedback of municipal secretaries, who use the solution on a regular basis.

The solution

Meeting: an effective and efficient solution for managing meetings – before the meeting, during the meeting and after meeting.

The 7 councillors use Meeting each week to  prepare for meetings, and the secretary also uses it in collaboration with the heads of department. As it’s very easy to learn to use, the solution was very quickly adopted by everyone.

Each item for the agenda is prepared by the department and submitted to the executive as a whole via the meeting management solution. The recitals and proposed decisions mean the entire progress of a file can be documented,  enabling a quick and effective decision-making process.

« For instance, invitations to tender are prepared and recorded during the session with all the relevant information: the number of companies consulted, the offers, the department’s recommendation, and so on. While the invitation to tender process itself is very time-consuming, this matter is dealt with during the meeting in just a minute, and frees up time to focus on core business. »

Benefits and advantages

Save time to focus on core matters

Thanks to its user-friendliness and the features it offers, Meeting can  save you time when it comes to meeting management: you can add documents by simply dragging and dropping, there’s a powerful full-text and keyword search function, and you can postpone items to a later session, and so on.In addition to the time saved, the meeting management solution the council uses also has an impact on the  quality of discussions and decision-making by the executive.

The Municipal Council meets about 40 times a year. According to my calculations, that equates to about 480 to 600 decisions. The main advantage of this tool is that all the councillors have access to the same information, which is crucial to coming to a consensus-based decision. With Meeting, we save a huge amount of time because councillors are aware of what’s on the agenda before the meeting, and can prepare accordingly. This allows us to focus solely on matters requiring in-depth discussion.

Less paper, less need to be there in person, and an easier time for citizens to settle their daily affairs via smartphone. 

Digitization is a legislative objective of the Municipal Council.In other words,  they aim to offer all services to citizens via a virtual desk online.

« The challenge is to be ready in 2025 for the next council with a digital administration that will make it possible to respond even better to the demands of citizens who want to take care of administrative procedures on their mobile phones. A resident who wants a proof of address at the weekend, for instance, should be able to obtain one on our website. »

At the same time, the municipality uses Youdoc electronic document management (EDM) to manage supplier invoices, resident records and buildings. The plan is to introduce a paperless system for managing incoming mail, which represents an additional step towards a digital administration.

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Curious? Learn more about Groupe T2i's digital transformation business solutions.

More about Groupe T2i Curious? Learn more about Groupe T2i's digital transformation business solutions.

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