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Manpower uses HR Café as an expense claim management solution An expense claim management solution that is straightforward and easy to use

Manpower uses HR Café to manage the expense claims of its 300 employees. To ensure security and innovation, the company was looking for a cloud solution hosted in Switzerland. Testimonial by Pierre-Yves Cordey, Accounting & Claims Manager

Manpower uses HR Café as an expense claim management solution

Initial situation

Before we opted for the expense claim management solution provided by the T2i Group, our process was fairly traditional. First, employees would fill in a semi-formatted Excel file. Next, they would print out the document and send it by post with the relevant receipts.

The accounts department would receive these documents and enter the details in our accounting software.

We had a clear issue with duplications, which resulted in a high probability of error and seriously reduced productivity. This meant we were focused more on capturing the data rather than verifying and analysing the accounting details.

The solution

To ensure security and innovation, we were looking for a cloud solution hosted in Switzerland.

We wanted to work with a partner who understood our SME-type organization and that was close to their customers. As we’re present throughout Switzerland, linguistic coverage in both French and German was vital.

T2i Group and its expense claim management solution fit the bill perfectly. In addition to its user-friendliness and the multiple settings available (payment limits, expense categories, payment frequency etc.), we also really liked the fact you can integrate business cards into the expense reimbursement process.

Initially, this solution lacked one feature: being able to enter expenses by smartphone. T2i worked hard on refining the app, and this feature is now available. This flexibility and customer orientation was another plus for us.

Benefits and advantages

« The time taken to process expense claims was cut by 70%, and some costs involved were eliminated. »

Accounting evidence is stored digitally, and we were able to do away with classification.

Flow management is also more straightforward. Because our employees can now enter expense claims digitally much more easily, we receive the statements promptly, which has improved our efficiency.

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