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An added bonus for HR and employees alike Dividella sends payslips at the touch of a button

The Swiss packaging specialist Dividella uses IncaMail to send electronic payslips directly via its Sage 200 Extra HR software. Their well-qualified HR personnel can now devote the time saved to looking after employees.

Dividella optimizes its payslip process with IncaMail

Initial situation and challenge

Dividella’s HR department comprises two employees who are responsible for the whole workforce (150 staff members). With this in mind, the company is focused on developing simple and time-saving HR processes. Digitizing the delivery of monthly payslips was an obvious step forward, as printing documents, putting them in envelopes and sending them off took a lot of time. From the outset, Dividella was keen to allay any concerns employees may have had regarding data security.

The solution

Simplicity, security and cost savings were the main reasons Dividella opted for electronic payslip delivery using IncaMail. IncaMail integrated seamlessly into the existing Sage 200 Extra HR software. Thanks to the simplified system, the two HR employees gain half a day per month, which they can use to deal with other employee-related matters. Savings on postage and packaging amount to approximately 3,500 francs per year. IncaMail encrypts messages using the patented SAFE process. Each payslip is sent encrypted, and employees no longer have any worries about data security.

Features and benefits

Vastly simplified procedures: using IncaMail, payslips can be sent via existing HR software at the click of a mouse.

Savings on time and costs: there is no need to print, prepare and send physical payslips.

Data security: IncaMail’s patented SAFE encryption technology prevents third parties from gaining access to e-mails. Electronic receipt also reduces the risk of leaving confidential documents lying around or of them landing in the wastepaper bin.

Verifiability: IncaMail fulfils the current statutory framework conditions for the electronic mailing of payslips. Dispatch via IncaMail is documented by Swiss Post and can be verified at any time.

Traceability: using IncaMail, employees can download their payslips themselves at any time – even from abroad.


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