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Encrypted and secure HR communication Vital for Zollner Elektronik AG

Fast, secure, and compliant with data protection laws – that’s how easy it should be to send HR documents such as payslips via e-mail. That’s also how Zollner Elektronik AG sees it. The electronics and mechatronics service provider sends its employees their payslips electronically using IncaMail. In addition to saving them time and money – it also protects the environment and allows them to use freed-up resources more efficiently elsewhere.

Zollner Elektronik AG optimizes its payslip process with IncaMail

Initial situation and challenge

The family-owned company based in Zandt, Germany, is Europe’s market leader in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) sector and one of the largest employers in Eastern Bavaria. Founded in 1965, it has grown organically to become a global player with over 12,000 employees at 23 locations around the world and is one of the top 15 EMS service providers worldwide. To supplement their digital HR solutions and as a further step towards digitization, they needed a way to send payslips digitally – naturally in a trustworthy manner and across national borders. With a corporate presence in a total of nine countries worldwide, Zollner Elektronik AG faces the challenge of standardizing processes internationally.

The solution

IncaMail, Swiss Post’s e-mail encryption service, guarantees the secure and verifiable sending of sensitive documents to employees’ private e-mail addresses. The high data security of the encrypted solution was the main reason Zollner Elektronik AG chose IncaMail. They were also won over by the software’s ease of connection to the SAP HCM system and its user-friendliness for HR and employees.

« IncaMail fully meets our high data security requirements. The service means we can now keep up with the times and send important documents to our employees electronically – completely securely and in compliance with data protection laws. »

Joachim Dick, Director of HR Services, Zollner Elektronik AG

Features and benefits

Zollner Elektronik AG benefits from IncaMail in the following ways:

Integrated processes worldwide: With a corporate presence in a total of nine countries worldwide, Zollner Elektronik AG faces the challenge of standardizing processes internationally. Currently, 90 percent of employees from Germany can view their payslips at any time and from any location. From November 2022, employees from Romania will also benefit from the digital solution. Due to the option for implementing IncaMail across national borders and programming additional languages such as Romanian in addition to the four main languages German, French, Italian and English, Zollner Elektronik AG was happy to use this solution.

Simple technical connection: IncaMail can be quickly and easily integrated into HR software such as SAP or Abacus. The transition for employees is also quick and easy to understand. All employees can view their payslip details at any time and from any location – worldwide and simultaneously upon payment of their salaries.

Time and cost savings – and much more: Thanks to IncaMail, Zollner Elektronik AG no longer has to print payslips, put them in envelopes and physically send them out. They are also doing something good for the environment – after all, they attach great importance to the sustainability aspect.

Data protection and traceability: IncaMail protects e-mails from unauthorized access. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and also the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) clearly state that personal data must be protected when it is sent in electronic format. IncaMail meets these requirements. Swiss Post documents the sending of the data and guarantees its verifiability.


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