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Oxygen at Work keeps its accounting under control Streamlined processes thanks to business software from KLARA

Since it was founded in 2017, Oxygen at Work has been using software from KLARA. This straightforward, web-based accounting and payroll solution requires minimum effort whilst providing maximum oversight.

Startups want to waste as little time as possible when it comes to accounting, and that’s also true of Oxygen at Work Ltd in Zurich. Since the startup was founded in 2017, it has been using business software from KLARA. Thanks to this straightforward, web-based and time-saving solution, accounting and payroll information can be updated in no time at all.

Manuel Winter, Rita Salathé and Joel Bloch (from left to right) founded Oxygen at Work in 2017.

Background and challenges

Green fingers with AI
Oxygen at Work Ltd offers its customers a comprehensive range of office greenery that is tailored towards health and well-being. Special sensors are used to measure and analyse a number of different parameters, and the greenery is gradually optimized. The plants selected by gardeners and biologists produce oxygen, regulate air humidity and, thanks to careful nurturing, are a real treat for the eyes. This leads to palpable improvements in the office climate and in employee well-being.

Rapid growth
Last year, two new locations were opened in Munich and Berlin, and the number of employees rose from 30 to 40 during the first five months of this year. Despite this rapid expansion, Oxygen at Work wants to maintain streamlined structures. This is because the three founding partners would rather be talking to customers than sitting at their desks – even though their own offices are of course filled with lush vegetation and fresh air.

The solution

Web-based and fast
Streamlined structures and a relaxed working environment are key at Oxygen at Work. This is why the company has been using business software from KLARA since it was founded in 2017. “Particularly important aspects to me were location-independent access, a high degree of automation and as little time wastage as possible,” says CEO Manuel Winter. Until recently, he handled the accounting himself, but this has now has been outsourced to an external fiduciary office.

The qualified economist also handled payroll himself for quite some time. However, this task has now been passed to KLARA Payroll. And very successfully, too, as Manuel Winter explains: “It now takes me a maximum of five minutes a month to do a brief accounting check. Some of our employees are subject to tax at source, and others have expenses and workloads that fluctuate on a monthly basis. KLARA handles all of these issues with ease, and if we do get an entry wrong, it’s quick and easy to correct.”

« It now takes me a maximum of five minutes a month to do a brief payslip check. Some of our employees are subject to tax at source, and others have expenses and workloads that fluctuate on a monthly basis. KLARA handles all of these issues with ease »

Manuel Winter, CEO, Oxygen at Work Ltd

KLARA simplifies your office As a web-based solution, KLARA Accounting and KLARA Payroll offer tangible benefits:


Quick entries

KLARA suggests a suitable entry for each business case. This can be modified or simply accepted. The entry process is accelerated, but is still subject to human scrutiny.


Round-the-clock access

KLARA’s web-based business software can be used anywhere. This makes collaboration both within your company and with external experts straightforward and efficient.


Keep up to date

Because entries are made on a continuous basis, important key figures are available round the clock with KLARA. Annual, monthly or even weekly statements can be created with a minimum of effort.


Seamlessly synchronized

All the modules in the KLARA ecosystem are perfectly coordinated with each other. If needed, other modules such as payroll, order management or inventory can be added at any time.


Security guaranteed

KLARA’s audit-compliant eArchive makes physical slips a thing of the past. The comprehensive search function also makes looking for documents much easier than sifting through paper files.
« I find it especially convenient that KLARA keeps pace seamlessly with our growth. For payroll, it doesn’t matter how many employees we have. »

Manuel Winter, CEO, Oxygen at Work Ltd

Active accountant checking receipts in her office

Find out more about KLARA business software

Has this piqued your curiosity? Find out more about the web-based KLARA Accounting and the scalable KLARA Payroll.

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