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Added value for you Digitization with relevant benefits

Benefit: Networking Smart interaction and communication via digitization

Being able to exchange data quickly and securely is more important than ever. That’s how you improve customer proximity. This helps you take advantage of business opportunities faster. And enables you to work more flexibly in the team.


No matter where, no matter when: holistic digitization solutions from Swiss Post give you a decisive edge when it comes to interaction and communication.


Digital communication works


52 %

of Swiss companies are experiencing increased competitiveness through modern services.*


*Source: Beck, Plekhanov, Wörter (2020) / Analyse der Digitalisierung in der Schweizer Wirtschaft (Analysis of Digitization in the Swiss economy)


75 %

of consumers expect cross-channel, consistent, communication digitally,“analogue” and physically on-site.*


*Source: SF Research, 2022


73 %

of Swiss companies benefit from digital technologies for their business model.*


*Source: EY, 2019

Digital end-to-end communication A use case

In insurance consulting, media disruptions are commonplace these days: an on-site appointment, an e-mail offer, a clarification phone call, a returned signed document. And maybe even manual transfer to the insurer’s database.
Holistic solutions put an end to this. Consultation, offer, signature, conclusion – everything happens on site or virtually. It’s more convenient, easier and above all, an all-round positive customer experience.
One interface for all your communication.

The ePost communication platform Fit for the future in the omnichannel environment

One interface for all your communication: use the ePost communication platform. This will enable you to send and receive consignments automatically via the appropriate channel in future.

Send secure and recognized e-mails Exchange sensitive data electronically with ease: using IncaMail

E-mail? But secure. IncaMail makes secure e-mailing simple, whether you’re sending individual or bulk mailings.
Customer service employee benefits from Unblu solutions

Unblu: redefining digital proximity to customers Strengthen your customer relationships with smart solutions

Unblu combines technology with personality in customer care. These innovative solutions allow you to strengthen your relationship with your customers while maximizing your efficiency and expertise. Personal. Digital. Successful.

“The key to a digital company” Whitepaper on efficient omnichannel communication

Read a brief summary on:

  • What digitization means for customer communication
  • How customer needs are changing
  • What the path to efficient omnichannel communication could look like

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