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Making office work easier KLARA business software

Administrative tasks, such as bookkeeping or scheduling, are clearly important. But particularly in smaller companies, these tasks have to be done “on the side”, i.e. after work or at the weekend, due to a lack of dedicated staff. This is neither fun nor sensible, because it inevitably leads to mistakes or inconsistencies.

That’s what KLARA –Swiss Post’s business software – is for.  It enables users to complete office tasks quickly, easily and without errors! KLARA takes on administrative work, creating more time for the actual business. Customizable, quick to deploy, easy to scale up. The many different modules cover a wide range of tasks, including smart checkout system, payroll accounting or online presence. They can be combined in any particular configuration and work together perfectly.  All the modules share a high degree of automation and the intuitive KLARA user interface.

Advantages for you when using KLARA



KLARA is specially tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. There’s no need for IT experts, no implementation projects – just register, get started and start using it.


Simply use the functions you need for your business. All modules can be combined however desired and still work together seamlessly. Need more? One click is all it takes to access additional functions.



From the POS system to the online shop, from CRM to project management – KLARA covers all the main areas that your business needs to succeed.


KLARA saves up to 42% of the time spent on office work due to the high degree of automation. That time can definitely be better spent on your core business!

Digital. Cost-effective. Simple. KLARA at your company

Active accountant checking receipts in her office

Only pay for what you use The pricing model

How much does KLARA cost? That depends on you. Because you only pay for the functions that you have activated online in the KLARA Widget Store. All modules can be cancelled on a monthly or annual basis. This keeps prices transparent as possible.

In addition to custom combinations of individual modules, the three packages Business Starter, Business Basic and Business Plus are pre-configured with the key basic functions for digital office management.
You can also test KLARA for 30 days with no obligation to purchase!


Test it now

Accounting? CRM? Project Management? Much more! How and where KLARA can help

Simplified office administration: error-free accounting, order and budget planning, CRM – KLARA has the tools for all your important “paperwork”.

Checkout and POS: It’s easy to sell better. KLARA provides smart and simple checkout software – and the right checkout for your shop.

Online presence: Getting started digitally has never been easier. From Google search to online shops, KLARA helps you to succeed online.

Team organization: Payroll accounting, project management, time recording – KLARA digitalizes and automates your personnel-related processes.

Which KLARA is right for you?

Buchhaltung? CRM? Projektmanagement? Viel mehr! Wie und wo KLARA hilft

Vereinfachte Büroadministration: Fehlerfreie Buchhaltung, Auftrags- und Budgetplanung, CRM – KLARA hat die Tools für den wichtigen «Papierkram».

Kasse und POS: Ganz einfach besser verkaufen. KLARA bietet Ihnen smarte und einfache Kassensoftware – und die passende Kasse für Ihr Ladengeschäft.

Online-Präsenz: Digital durchstarten war nie einfacher. Von der Google-Suche bis zum Onlineshop unterstützt KLARA Ihren Erfolg im Web.

Team-Organisation: Lohnbuchhaltung, Projektmanagement, Zeiterfassung – KLARA digitalisiert und automatisiert die Abläufe rund um Ihre Mitarbeitenden.

Und welches KLARA ist für Sie dabei?


Just get started

Just get started You can start using KLARA very quickly

Register: Register online, confirm your e-mail address – done.

Enter data: After accepting the GTCs, you can easily select your company with its unique company ID no. or enter all data manually.

Select and use widgets: In the KLARA Widget Store you can then easily select the modules or packages you want to use or test.
Request test access now

More information

Are you interested in KLARA?

We’d be happy to send you more information about the options, applications and customer experiences via e-mail.

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