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Electronic signature solution from SwissSign For the full range of digitized business processes

Ever had to deal with digital processes that still required time-consuming printing, signing and enveloping when the final contract was concluded? The signature solution from our data security specialist SwissSign offers a completely electronic signature process that can be integrated easily into your existing business processes. Discover the advantages for you and your customers now.

  • Efficient: Documents can be signed legally, anytime and anywhere. This makes it possible to close deals faster. It is also possible to include multiple signatories per document.
  • User friendly: The signature is obtained in a web interface or directly within your workflow. This means there is no more media discontinuity. The preliminary (one-time) identity check can be performed completely online and free of charge via the SwissID App.
  • Versatile: The required signature standard depends on the type of document and the applicable formal requirements. The qualified electronic signature (QES) in accordance with ESigA meets the highest e-signature standard and is equivalent to a handwritten signature in Switzerland.
  • Simple: The signature solution can be integrated easily into existing business processes (API, on-premise, private cloud). Depending on your needs and compliance requirements, SwissSign offers you an individual solution.
  • Personalized: The signature can be personalized with a visual element, such as your company logo.

How the electronic signature works

  1. As a rule, the document is uploaded and sent in the signature profile (via web browser). The signatory reviews the document and places the signature on the desktop or in the app.
  2. For security reasons, a qualified electronic signature (QES) must also always be approved using two-factor authentication. This is done via the SwissID App in the form of a push notification (confirmation via facial recognition or fingerprint).

Time Stamping Service from SwissSign For proving legal validity and legal compliance

Does your company now also transfer a lot of documents exclusively through electronic channels? A time stamp can be used to prove the existence of electronic data at a specific point in time. This is relevant in the following use cases:

  • Qualified electronic signature (QES): The time stamp ensures that the signature was provided at a time when the associated qualified certificate was valid.
  • Digital archiving: Time stamps confirm that documents in the archive have not been modified at a later point.
  • Verifiability assurance: Time stamps can be used to prove that documents existed at a certain point in time. This can be relevant in various cases, such as proving adherence to deadlines.
Stock image for the Time Stamping Service from SwissSign

The benefits of the Time Stamping Service from SwissSign



As an officially recognized provider of certification services, data security specialist SwissSign meets the requirements of the “Time Stamp Authority” (TSA) and can thus issue qualified time stamps.
Data protection

Data protection

Data storage exclusively in Switzerland



When a time stamp is obtained for a document, it remains in the customer’s secure environment; only a unique identifier (“hash value”) is sent to the service.


Implementation is a breeze thanks to a standardized interface.

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