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Digital certificates from SwissSign Round-the-clock certificate management to secure your IT infrastructure

Digitization is adding new data connections between applications, apps and other devices every day. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, so are the risks, as cybercriminals exploit potential security loopholes.

The Managed Public Key Infrastructure (MPKI) from our data security specialist SwissSign protects your applications with Swiss SSL and S/MIME certificates based on the strictest security standards. Discover SwissSign’s MPKI now, the state-of-the-art solution for easy 24/7 certificate management. 

  • Swiss made: All operations and data storage are handled in Switzerland. SwissSign is a Swiss Trust Service Provider (TSP) recognized by the Confederation.
  • Secure: Privacy and data protection for your customers and partners is guaranteed. Data exchange is encrypted and protected against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Trustworthy: The certificates from SwissSign attest to authenticity (e.g. of your website), building trust among your customers.
  • Visible: Benefit from better visibility in Google’s rankings.
  • Efficient: With an MPKI, you reduce costs and expenses, as you don’t need validation for every certificate reference.

Managed PKI (MPKI) Manage your certificates independently for employees, customers and partners.

Would you like to manage SSL and e-mail certificates for employees, customers and partners flexibly and independently 24/7? You can issue any type of certificate instantly at any place and at any time via the automated interface or the SwissSign web administration tool. And thanks to the ACME and OpenAPI interface standards, you can also perform full auto-enrolment with partner products. The main functions at a glance:

  • A clear web portal for managing MPKI
  • Automated certificate lifecycle management
  • Reports by certificate types, groups or expiration dates
  • Electronic processing of contract documents
  • Auto-enrolment possible thanks to ACME and OpenAPI interface standards



How MPKI works

  1. You can instantly issue any type of certificate at any time via an automated interface or the web administration tool.

  2. Thanks to the ACME and OpenAPI interface standards, you can also perform full auto-enrolment with partner products.
  3. Purchase unlimited Public Key Certificates (SSL and secure e-mail) 24/7 via SwissSign’s Managed PKI subscription model. Benefit from attractive volume discounts for higher purchase volumes.

Private MPKI Outsourcing of MPKI to the certified SwissSign environment

Does operation of an internal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) often result in high financial and personnel costs in your company? The solution for this is cloud outsourcing of the internal, private PKI to the certified environment provided by data security specialist SwissSign. This enables you to focus all your attention on your core business. You can also benefit from the extensive SwissSign partner network when automating certificate management.

You define the scope and parameters according to your needs. In all cases, the service includes a customer-specific certificate hierarchy:

  • Individual root certification authority (root CA)
  • One or more issuing certification authorities (sub-CA)
  • Application-specific user or device certificates.


How private MPKI works

  1. Private Managed PKI is based on the same certified system that is used for issuing “public” SSL and e-mail certificates.
  2. Thanks to standardized REST or CMC interfaces, powerful partner applications are available for auto-enrolment of certificates, for use in the mail gateway or in your encryption solution.
  3. Your certificates are automatically managed and installed on end devices.

Certificates as a Service (CaaS) Automated certificate management to secure your IT infrastructure

The terms of digital certificates for the Internet are growing shorter, and the need to encrypt data streams is continuously increasing. Undetected expired certificates can jeopardize operational safety and result in legal consequences. These and other developments are significantly increasing the volumes of certificates to be managed, and processing them is becoming more complex and costly from a technical perspective. Without tool support, therefore, this issue is barely manageable anymore.

The Certificates as a Service (CaaS) solution from data security specialist SwissSign enables simple, secure and automated certificate management. In this way, you can manage certificates of all types and use cases centrally and at any time. This ranges from monitoring, applying for and renewing certificates, to distributing them to the surrounding target systems.

CaaS is scalable to meet any requirements and is therefore particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to focus fully on their core business without compromising on IT security. 



How Certificates as a Service (CaaS) works

  1. CaaS is a cloud-based solution and combines the certificate management tool essendi xc with the Managed PKI from data security specialist SwissSign.

  2. Connectors make the link to the last mile and bring the certificates directly to your servers and target devices.
  3. Once set up, most processes run automatically.

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