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Qualified Evidence from SwissSign Digital remote identification for the financial sector

In the financial sector, identification of customers has to fulfil special requirements. But this important process shouldn’t unnecessarily disrupt a customer relationship that’s only just beginning, right?

With the user-friendly Qualified Evidence product from our data security specialist SwissSign, you can identify your customers digitally and around the clock. Interested? Find out now how you can start a customer relationship with Qualified Evidence in just a few steps. FINMA-compliant and no integration effort.

  • Around the clock: Digital identification is possible without physical interaction.
  • Recognized: The copy of the identification document meets FINMA requirements (Circular 2016/7).
  • Simple: Qualified Evidence works with little to no integration effort. If required, the solution can be linked closely with CRM/CLM tools.
  • Flexible: Flexible connection to interfaces for transmission of the proof of identity. The system also offers your customers maximum flexibility without additional measures such as bank transfers.
  • Future-oriented: Thanks to the prior online identification, your customers can electronically sign all other documents that you need for your future business relationship.

How Qualified Evidence works

  1. Invitation to identity check via the financial company’s website
  2. Login with SwissID account
  3. Free online identification via the SwissID App for the end customer
  4. If successful: redirection back to the financial company’s website
  5. The financial company automatically receives a certified copy of the ID, as well as basic information such as the customer’s name and date of birth, a photo and a qualified electronic signature

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