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E-voting Online abstimmen und wählen

Swiss Post’s e-voting solution
Online voting/elections − simple and secure

E-voting enables cantons to provide electronic participation in votes and elections for their eligible voters both in Switzerland and abroad. Swiss Post’s e-voting solution is state-of-the-art and complies with the legal requirements.

Swiss Post’s e-voting solution

Here’s how it works

  1. 1

    Configure the vote
    Before a vote or election, the canton configures its e-voting platform with voting questions or lists of candidates and grants the authorizations to cast votes electronically.

  2. 2

    Prepare voting documents
    Swiss Post provides the cantons with support in preparing the voting documents right up to the final proofing stage. The cantons produce the documents in conjunction with their approved printing partners.

  3. 3

    Send voting documents
    Voting documents for voting physically by letter or at the ballot, and for voting electronically, are sent by post.

  4. 4

    Cast a ballot
    Eligible voters who can use e-voting receive the voting or electoral materials, in addition to the individual security codes for electronic voting. They can register on the e-voting platform of their canton and vote or cast a ballot electronically.

  5. 5

    Information encryption
    All information transmitted during the vote is anonymized and protected with end-to-end encryption. Only the cantonal electoral authorities can analyze e-voting results. At no point can inferences be made about individual voters from the votes cast.

Familiarize yourself with e-voting

Swiss Post provides a test platform where you can try out e-voting with ease.

Advantages of e-voting

For cantons and municipalities

  • Approved under the legal basis for eligible Swiss voters based in Switzerland and abroad
  • The independent, legally compliant implementation of electronic voting and elections -> Legal basis
  • Complete verifiability and voting secrecy guaranteed -> Security
  • State-of-the-art technology and subsequent development in collaboration with internal and external experts, as well as with the cantons.
  • Straightforward integration of the solution into cantonal IT systems, which are used before and after voting, and for authentication purposes.
  • Low purchase price and comprehensive service from Swiss Post -> Services from Swiss Post

For voters

  • Device- and location-independent votes and elections for eligible voters
  • Information provided in the four national languages of Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh
  • The system prevents invalid votes being cast
  • People with impairments (e.g. impaired vision) are able to vote independently without the assistance of third parties
  • The e-voting platform is certified in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and is therefore accessible to disabled persons.

What the e-voting solution costs

Basic fee

Basic fee for use and operation of Swiss Post’s solution.

Variable costs

These costs are based on the number of eligible voters in a canton (according to information from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office) and the number of eligible voters able to use e-voting in the canton (Swiss citizens residing abroad, certain municipalities, etc.). Each canton determines who is eligible to use e-voting.

Falling per capita costs

The per capita costs fall as the number of people able to use e-voting increases, and the number of cantons using the Swiss Post e-voting solution increases.

E-voting services from Swiss Post

Advice and training

  • icon Advice on implementing and carrying out electronic voting
  • icon Advice relating to the Federal Chancellery’s requirements
  • icon Close knowledge exchange regarding ICT and security
  • icon Training provided to the staff involved in the canton and the cantonal electoral commission


  • icon Second level support during the configuration period and the first contests, third level support during all contests.
  • icon Assistance in verifying the e-voting process as a whole after voting/the election
  • icon Support for all questions relating to e-voting

Integration and monitoring

  • icon Integration of the e-voting solution into the cantons’ vote management systems (with standard eCH interfaces)
  • icon Permanent monitoring of the core software and infrastructure along with the extended ecosystem in which the e-voting is operated

E-Government contact We would be happy to advise you about e-voting.

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