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Exclusive insight into Swiss Post’s e-voting system

On 4 May, Swiss Post invited IT and maths students from all over Switzerland to its cryptography center in Neuchâtel. The event topic was its new e-voting system.



Marcel Zumbühl, Chief information security officer Swiss Post


Marcel Zumbühl, Information Security Officer at Swiss Post, welcomed around 30 students to the event. He gave them a presentation on Swiss Post IT an its technology focus areas, including artificial intelligence, chatbots and blockchain, as well as their application in services such as billing online, e-voting, digital health, smart buttons or Swiss Post’s parcel logistics. He underlined that Swiss Post relies on participative security. This means Swiss Post invites IT specialists and ethical hackers to test its applications for vulnerabilities. The bug-bounty programme, where Swiss Post’s rewards confirmed vulnerabilities, provides incentive to participate. He invited the students to put Swiss Post’s systems to the test themselves.





Participants at the event in Neuchâtel also gained an insight into the architecture of Swiss Post’s new e-voting system with complete verifiability. In particular, this covered the cryptographic procedures that ensure protection of voting secrecy and prevent fraudulent activities through the entire electronic ballot process.

The event also provided first-hand information on the day-to-day activities of the e-voting team: at three sessions, students found out about the key tasks of mathematicians, software developers and security specialists.

After lively technical discussions in the workshops and at the aperitif, this first e-voting event for students came to an end.


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