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Dialog Cloud The flexible and secure alternative to operating on your own servers

Data volumes are continually rising in public administration, too. That means greater spending on data storage and processing, as well as on the 24/7, location-independent access that’s required. Installing your own secure and high-performance servers involves high initial and ongoing costs, which not every city or municipality wishes or is able to afford.


The solution: Dialog Cloud and our IT services. Dialog Cloud, exclusively for public administrations, offers stable operation of your IT infrastructure and highly secure cloud solutions. This provides you with a central contact person for software and hardware.

The advantages for you

Single point of contact

Single point of contact

Dialog is your central contact for both software and hardware.
Highest possible level of security

Highest possible level of security

The data is hosted in a tier 3 data center in Switzerland.
Secure remote access

Secure remote access

This enables staff to work independently of time and location.

High level of flexibility

High level of flexibility

You don’t need to set up a separate room on-site that has to be air conditioned and maintained.
Attractive rental model

Attractive rental model

As the IT infrastructure is rented, there’s no need for large investment in acquisition.

Dialog Cloud’s special features

Perfect for public administrations with the highest security requirements: our IT solutions are made up of services from both the private cloud and the public cloud. This mix enables us to provide hybrid cloud solutions combining the benefits of both variants. They guarantee the control over data and security of a private cloud, as well as the convenience and cost benefits of a public cloud.

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