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eHealth Aargau core community

Pioneers in the digitization of the healthcare sector

eHealthAargau-logoThe eHealth Aargau core community uses the Post E-Health platform to connect healthcare providers with each other and with the public to create a digital health ecosystem. The service includes the electronic patient record (EPR) and tools for referrals, transfers, e-medication and e-vaccination records. Further areas of application are added on an ongoing basis.

Secure transfer of medical data
By connecting to the digital health ecosystem, health professionals and organizations in the canton of Aargau can convey medical information to one other efficiently and securely, as well as to other healthcare providers. For their part, patients can access their health data using a web portal and can decide for themselves which healthcare professionals they would like to share the data with. Healthcare providers that are linked to the service offered by the eHealth Aargau core community can reduce their administrative burden and simplify processes.


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