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Monitor, detect. Cybersecurity in the healthcare sector Hacknowledge monitoring services

Cyberattacks may seem like something from a science-fiction novel, but they pose a real and growing threat. Every week in Switzerland, companies of all types and sizes experience over 700 such attacks. These can range from disrupting daily business practices and stealing personal data through to demanding money via ransomware.

Preventing cyberattacks is difficult, but damage can be minimized if you react quickly. With Hacknowledge, the monitoring service from our cybersecurity experts, you can be sure that any threats to your IT infrastructure will be promptly identified and communicated to you. This helps you protect sensitive health data and other information.

The benefits for you with Hacknowledge



Using advanced VISION Cyber Management™ technology, our specialists guard your infrastructure day and night, seven days a week.



We send you up-to-date and relevant reports so that you can focus on critical issues.
Swiss made, Swiss based

Swiss made, Swiss based

All data is stored and analysed entirely in Switzerland.


Hacknowledge hat die ISO 27001 Zertifizierung (ohne Ausschluss) und ist vollständig DSGVO-konform.



You always have complete control and oversight of your data.


We view cybersecurity holistically, which is why we offer additional services – from pen testing to additional training for your staff.


Hacknowledge is a dedicated service provider and is not associated with any software or technology manufacturers.

Monitor. Detect. Respond. Hacknowledge in your healthcare facility

Detect and avert targeted threats early How Hacknowledge can protect your facility

Benefit from constant surveillance of your IT infrastructure, made possible through cutting-edge technology and trained specialists. All this without large investments and long-term commitments. To keep your focus on what’s important, specialists filter your log data and eliminate false positives based on jointly determined use cases. If the Hacknowledge team sounds the alarm, you know it’s for a good reason! This will give you the chance to react as quickly as possible. Furthermore, Hacknowledge is always there to help you decide what to do in a critical situation if you’re unsure.

Services Hacknowledge
Services von Hacknowledge

Gefahren erkennen und abwenden Wo Hacknowledge hilft

Sie erhalten eine lückenlose Sicherheitsüberwachung Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur mit Hi-End-Technologie und ausgewiesenen Fachleuten. Was Sie nicht brauchen: hohe Investitionskosten oder langfristig bindende Neueinstellungen. Um sich auf die entscheidenden Vorfälle fokussieren zu können, filtern wir die Logs nach falsch-positiven Events und auf Basis gemeinsam definierter Use Cases. Wenn wir Alarm schlagen, dann ist es wichtig! Wir reagieren sofort und versetzen Sie in die Lage, angemessen zu reagieren. Gleichzeitig beraten wir Sie auch gerne darüber, was im Ernstfall zu tun ist.

Security- und Event-Management im Einsatz

How the technology works Hacknowledge’s SOC and SIEM

Using its managed SOC (Security Operations Center) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, Hacknowledge enables efficient security monitoring within your current IT infrastructure. The system is quick and easy to install and is adaptable and scalable according to your wishes. Your data remains entirely within Switzerland – guaranteed. This system offers excellent protection and compliance particularly in the healthcare sector, where sensitive data is handled every day.

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