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IncaMail online help The key help topics for IncaMail

It couldn’t be easier Create my IncaMail account

Konto_eröffnenGo to and create a free IncaMail account on a one-time basis.

RegistrierungsprozessComplete the registration process to receive your activation link by e-mail.

2553(2)Click on the activation link to complete the registration.

Opening a confidential IncaMail message for non-registered users (computer/laptop/tablet/mobile)

The message is in your inbox and has a subject line containing the comment «(Secured by IncaMail)».

  1. Open the message and click on the «Read» button.


    Screenshot of an IncaMail
  2. Confirm the IncaMail GTCs and click on the  «Request key link» button.

    Screenshot about the IncaMail GTCs confirmation
  3. You will receive an additional e-mail shortly afterwards. Open the IncaMail message by clicking on the «Read message now» button.


    Screenshot of the key link to open a message

An overview of the most frequently asked questions.

How is IncaMail installed for business customers?

IncaMail for the e-mail client (Outlook)
The customer orders a business customer contract online. The customer then receives a setup form and enters an e-mail domain (e.g. and mail server certificate (e.g. «»). Once the completed form is returned to the IncaMail team, the domain is activated. The customer’s mail server administrator then installs the Outlook add-ins for individual employees or all staff via the central mail server (Exchange). The HTML add-ins only need the registration of a link, the COM add-ins must be distributed to all Outlook installations using a software installation system.

IncaMail for business software
For many widely used ERP systems, there are now IncaMail partners who offer modules for IncaMail integration (for example for mailing of payslips from SAP HR). The order is placed in consultation with the partner of your choice by concluding an online business customer contract. The relevant modules are then installed by the partner. If there are no suitable modules or partners currently available for your system, please contact the IncaMail team. We will be happy to advise you on how to integrate our IncaMail interfaces (APIs) into your software solution.

IncaMail web interface
Individual private, official or business users can register themselves at
and send secure messages immediately. Ten messages per month are free of charge. For more messages, an inexpensive subscription can be purchased by credit card. The IncaMail web interface works entirely in the browser (on computers and mobile devices), so no installation is required.

Seasonal/temporary staff

Special case of temporary staff: temporary staff are treated as set out in the contract (section «4. Fee for EAI type of service»). For seasonal businesses, such as hotels and tour operators, it is possible to calculate an average number of employees per year (e.g. 300 employees in the winter season and 150 in the summer season, resulting in an average of 225 employees per year).

Storage period for IncaMail messages

IncaMail messages are stored encrypted on Swiss Post’s servers for 90 to 120 days, allowing you to open them quickly and easily with the «Read» button. They are then deleted. The «Read» button then no longer works, but the message (including attachments) can still be opened for at least two years with the attachment IncaMail.html, which can be found in the recipient’s IncaMail message, where it is also stored. If large files are sent using IncaMail (large files up to 1 GB), they are stored in encrypted form for one week before being deleted. The recipient must download the files within this period.

Who can use the large file transfer feature?

This feature is available to business customers who either use IncaMail in their e-mail client (with Outlook add-in) or have integrated IncaMail into their business software (via IncaMail interface APIs). These customers can also use large files in the IncaMail web interface. If you activate a virtual mailbox, the large files feature is also available there. The virtual mailbox allows customers to receive messages by IncaMail easily and securely, including delivery of large files. Customers who only use the web interface do not have access to large files. This applies to both the free services and the subscriptions (Premium).

Who can use the virtual mailbox?

The IncaMail virtual mailbox is available to all paying customers (IncaMail for e-mail client, IncaMail for business software, IncaMail web interface Premium subscription). The only customers who cannot use the virtual mailbox are those who use the free web interface. Costs for messages in the virtual mailbox are billed together with the costs for sent IncaMail messages.

The virtual mailbox can be switched on and off in the web interface settings:
. By default, it is switched off. The virtual mailbox provides you with a secure contact form. This can be personalized in the web interface settings with an image or logo and your own text:


virtual mailbox


Share the link to your virtual mailbox with your customers and partners on your website, in your e-mail footer or on your business card. After e-mail address verification, people with access to the link can then send you confidential e-mails without registering or paying. Files up to 1 GB can also be sent securely using the contact form (not for customers using only the web interface). These files are encrypted and stored on Swiss Post’s IncaMail server. The files are available for download for a maximum of seven days, after which they are irrevocably deleted.

Mac OSX / Apple Mail: IncaMail for your e-mail client

Microsoft Outlook: The IncaMail HTML add-ins also work in Microsoft Outlook Web Access in browsers on the Mac.

Apple Mail and other e-mail clients: Although no add-ins are supported for Apple Mail, IncaMail can still be used. An IncaMail contract for business customers is required. Receipt of IncaMail messages is perfectly normal, just like in any other e-mail client. For sending, there are two solutions: 


  1. When composing a message in Apple Mail, «» is added to the end of the recipient’s e-mail address. Example: becomes In future, Apple Mail can then automatically suggest this address. A message with the dispatch type «Confidential» is marked with <c> at the beginning of the subject, the dispatch type «Personal» is marked with <p> and the dispatch type «Registered» with <r>.

  2. You can also write sensitive messages in the IncaMail web interface at
Which business software is compatible with IncaMail?

When it comes to receiving, IncaMail messages can now be read on any common e-mail client or webmail client, on both computers and mobile devices.

For sending by users from Outlook, specific add-ins can be found under IncaMail for the e-mail client. We recommend asking your business software producer or integration partner whether IncaMail integration is available. You can find a list of partners who offer integration modules (usually for a fee) on the IncaMail website.

If there are no suitable modules or partners currently available for your system, please contact the IncaMail team. We will be happy to advise you on how to integrate our IncaMail interfaces (APIs) into your software solution.