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IncaMail for your e-mail client Top-level protection for your confidential e-mails

You can use IncaMail to send confidential information directly from your existing e-mail client (e.g. Outlook and Office 365) in an encrypted, traceable format. IncaMail provides full security for all documents, regardless of whether they are contracts, personal data or invoices.

  • Simple: IncaMail is compatible with all modern e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook. IncaMail can be integrated into your existing e-mail infrastructure. The effort required is minimal.
  • Secure: IncaMail encrypts all data. In this way, IncaMail protects against data loss, improper manipulation and unauthorized access.
  • Data protection compliant: IncaMail meets all EU and Swiss compliance requirements. This ensures that data is exchanged in compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Efficient and sustainable: Thanks to IncaMail, you no longer have to send important documents physically – allowing you to save on costs and benefit the environment.
  • Verifiable: Swiss Post documents and seamlessly verifies the sending and receipt of IncaMail messages.
  • Device-independent: IncaMail works independently of devices and systems, and also across national borders.
  • Compatible: IncaMail is compatible with all modern e-mail clients. A number of different hosting partners have incorporated IncaMail into their offer as standard.
  • Recognized: IncaMail is recognized as a secure delivery platform by the Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP). IncaMail is compatible with all federally approved delivery platforms.

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Briefly explained Sending e-mails securely from your mail client

Here’s how easy it is to use IncaMail

  1. 1

    Upgrade existing e-mail infrastructure quickly and simply for secure mailing.

  2. 2

    Send and receive encrypted messages with one click.

  3. 3

    Recipients receive emails signed by Swiss Post.

  4. 4

    By clicking on "Read" the message is opened with your personal IncaMail password or key link.

Send large files

You can use IncaMail “Large File Transfer” (LFT) to send large files of up to 1 gigabyte from your e-mail client absolutely securely and without additional costs. IncaMail saves the data in encrypted form and sends the recipient an IncaMail message with a download link. The recipient can then use this link to download the files securely. IncaMail saves the files for a maximum of seven days. After that, they are permanently deleted.

You can find more information in the IncaMail online help

Comparison of prices

      1. 32.90 39.90
      2. 10.90 13.90
      3. 54.90 69.90
      1. 320.00 360.00
      2. 640.00 720.00
      3. 1280.00 1440.00
      4. 150.00 190.00
      1. 149.00 149.00
      2. 450.00 490.00
      3. 900.00 990.00
      4. 1800.00 1990.00
      1. 0.45 0.65
      2. 0.45 0.65
      3. 1.20 1.86
      4. 150.00 190.00
      1. 320.00 360.00
      2. 640.00 720.00
      3. 1280.00 1440.00
      4. 150.00 190.00
      1. 149.00 149.00
      2. 450.00 490.00
      3. 900.00 990.00
      4. 1800.00 1990.00


1IncaMail can also be used for collective accounts such as at a fixed price. The fixed price includes the first five senders. “Senders” means the first five users of the collective account who send a message. For every five additional senders per collective account, an additional group mailbox is invoiced.


6 to 10 senders = 2 group mailboxes
11 to 15 senders = 3 group mailboxes


2The one-off price for setting up the domain is based on the number of employees. It includes the setup of a domain on IncaMail and all documentation. The customer chooses the specific way in which IncaMail will be integrated into their e-mail infrastructure.



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