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Payslips at the click of a button – sure, as long as they’re encrypted!

“My payslip isn’t anyone’s business” – agreed? So are we. This is why it should only be sent in physical form, right? We don’t think so. Sending HR documents digitally by e-mail is quick, efficient and practical. These sorts of confidential e-mails must be encrypted, however. In our interview with him, Marin Bogdan, IncaMail expert with Swiss Post, explains how.


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Mr Bogdan, sending encrypted payslips is surely a pain. Why is it something HR staff should switch to?

This idea that encryption is complicated is a long enduring myth. It dates back to the 1990s. The standardized encryption procedures back then were secure, but not very user-friendly or easy to get to grips with. This is why they weren’t used for typical correspondence between people. Today, Swiss Post now has a procedure in the form of IncaMail’s patented SAFE technology that reduces encryption and decryption to practically a click of a button, and which is now being successfully used by 1.8 million users.


Why is e-mail encryption especially important in the field of HR?

HR departments have their work cut out for a number of reasons: they are constantly handling personal data of a highly sensitive nature. What’s more, they regularly communicate with staff by e-mail. And it is this combination specifically where strict regulations apply: the Federal Act on Data Protection and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) clearly state that any personal data that is sent electronically must be encrypted. If a company does not adhere to these regulations, they risk hefty sanctions, and their image may take a hit as a result too.


Aside from secure transfer, what are the benefits of sending digital payslips?

Sending payslips digitally with IncaMail is 80 to 90 percent cheaper than sending them in the conventional way. Specifically, there is no need to print them out, put them in envelopes and physically send them. This allows the company to not only save money, it’s also good for the environment, and the company can use the time it saves more effectively, e.g. on recruiting or talent management.


How do the employees benefit?

Employees do not need to log into a separate company portal or wait for the payslip to be delivered. Instead, they receive their documents in their personal mailbox in a matter of seconds, and can access them wherever they are. At the same time, their private mailbox becomes an archive for payslips. If an employee leaves the company, for instance, the documents can still be accessed at any time.


What should HR professionals watch out for when looking for an e-mail encryption service? What essential criteria should this sort of service fulfil?

It’s important that the documents can be sent directly from the payroll system being used in just a few steps. It must be easy and straightforward for all employees to be able to receive and open encrypted documents. Furthermore, the e-mail encryption service provider must be trustworthy and recognized, in much the same way as Swiss Post’s IncaMail service.


Why is it worth integrating IncaMail into an existing payroll process in the first place?

IncaMail already enjoys the trust of the wider population, which is why Qualipet, Kärcher GmbH, the canton of Lucerne and many other companies and authorities also use IncaMail to send payslips in a secure, straightforward manner. IncaMail can be integrated quickly and easily into your current e-mail client, for example Outlook, or into your business software, for example SAP or Abacus. Swiss Post also supports its customers with practical communication tips, templates and to-do lists. That means there is nothing else to stop you sending encrypted documents efficiently.


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