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Logbook access via Outlook and secure data transfer up to 1 GB now also possible with the virtual mailbox

IncaMail release 5.1 now allows you to view and manage the logbook of your sent and received messages directly in Outlook. Using the large file transfer (LFT) function, you can also receive encrypted files of up to 1 GB in size securely via your virtual mailbox.


Logbook integration in e-mail client

As a business customer, IncaMail release 5.1 allows you to directly integrate the logbook of your messaging history using an add-in for your Outlook e-mail client. You can view and manage your sent and received messages directly in your usual e-mail program. The date, dispatch type (confidential, personal, registered), subject, recipient and status (e.g. delivered, opened) are visible.

You can block messages that have already been sent with one click so that they can no longer be opened by the receiving address. In order to be able to use this function, you must be registered as a user on and have the IncaMail add-in installed in Outlook. Until this release, it was only possible to view the logbook via the web application in your browser.


Secure data transfer up to 1 GB

If you are using a  business customer account, you can also send and request encrypted files up to 1 GB in size in addition to text-based messages using the large file transfer function (LFT) via the virtual mailbox. The LFT service is free throughout the introductory phase.

After you have set up your virtual mailbox, perhaps even with a customized welcome text and logo, you can send the URL address of your virtual mailbox as a link to your contacts via e-mail. The recipient can open the link with any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) and upload files up to 1 GB in size using their browser and send them to you with encryption. The files will be available to you for seven days, all the while security and encryption is maintained.

You can find further information and instructions online for sending and receiving mail with IncaMail.


Continuous performance improvement

In order to guarantee you the best possible performance, small bug fixes and improvements have been implemented with release 5.1, as is usual with every release. 

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